Leak Detection

Are you noticing your water bill skyrocket and your pool losing more than half an inch on a daily basis? If you are having any of these problems you might have a leak! Try the bucket test first to see if your pool is losing water due to a leak instead of evaporation.

The Bucket Test for Pool Leaks

  • Fill the pool to the middle of the skimmer box.
  • Fill a bucket with pool water to about one inch from top.
  • Place bucket on first or second step of pool.
  • Mark water level on inside of bucket and on the skimmer box.
  • Keep the pump running.
  • After 24 hours, compare the two levels. If the pool water (outside mark) goes down more than the inside water level, there is probably a leak.
  • Try the same procedure with the pump off and take note of the results.

Leaks can be in the pool itself or in the underground plumbing lines and Pool Buoy Corp has all the proper equipment in order to find your leak without digging up your backyard! At Pool Buoy Corp, we test every single part of your pool and equipment to ensure that all the leaks are found properly. We use a special piece of equipment called "The LeakTrac" which is specially designed for finding holes in vinyl liners. It uses a float that places a small electrical charge in your pool that allows the probe mechanism to detect where the electricity is escaping. Once the leak is found, it is then fixed with an underwater clear vinyl patch. This eliminates the need for other companies and scuba divers who will spend countless hours swimming in your pool to search for these leaks while they charge you per hour without any leak detection equipment or pool expertise! So why not call Pool Buoy who can guarantee you accuracy, reliability, and speed with our highly specialized leak detection and scuba diving equipment!

If you have an underground plumbing leak we conduct a "pressure test" which tests the integrity of your pool's plumbing. If your plumbing cannot maintain a certain amount of pressure over a given amount of time we use highly specialized “sonic equipment” to listen underground. With this piece of equipment, we can pinpoint the location of your leak without having to destroy your deck! Once the leak is located, repair options and pricing are discussed with the homeowner.

We can also detect structural leaks with our “hydrophone”. This underwater microphone enables us to pinpoint any structural leaks around any fittings, lights, or drains.

Is your pool actually leaking? We can rule out evaporation, or splash out with our highly sophisticated “Leakalyzer” water loss computer. We are able to determine whether or not your pool is actually leaking with a 15 minute test and provide you with a report upon completion.

You may have a pool leak if:

  • Pool has air in the system
  • Pump loses prime
  • You have cracks forming
  • Pool deck is sinking or lifting
  • Immediate pool are is wet and soggy
  • You add water more than once a week
  • Pool consistently loses more than half an inch a day

The Pool Buoy Corp Advantage

  • Non-Destructive Methods. We are at the top of the swimming pool industry in the precise, non-damaging detection of all forms of pool leaks. Our leak detection practices do not require us to excavate unnecessary areas of your backyard in order to find leaks in your swimming pool!
  • The Money Factor. Our non-intrusive practices ensure a timely and cost effective outcome and ensure that you are not paying costly water bills!
  • No Hidden Fees and Fair Pricing. We give upfront fees and flat rates to detect your leaks rather than charging on a per hour basis. Some pool companies will give you a lower price and then add on hidden costs in order to increase their prices.
  • Experience and Equipment. Our staff has more than 10 years of experience in the swimming pool leak detection industry. We use the best swimming pool leak detection equipment on the market to find leaks in your swimming pool! Many other pool companies will advertise this service as one that they provide however they do not have the right equipment or experience to find your leak the right way. There are more effective methods than having a scuba diver swimming in your pool for hours to find your pool leaks!
  • In-house Repairs. We can execute most repairs without contracting them out to other companies. This gives the homeowner piece of mind in knowing that there is only one company to deal with. *Please note that repair costs are separate from leak detection costs*
  • Underwater Scuba Repairs. We have licensed PADI scuba divers on staff who can execute underwater repairs leaving no need to completely drain the pool in a majority of cases. We also are equipped with underwater dry suits to execute repairs in cold water conditions.

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At Pool Buoy Corp, we only use state of the art equipment to pinpoint the exact location of your leak so you are guaranteed that it is found the right way without destruction! Repairs are billed separately.